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Mrs. Tracy Gravell provides prevention education classes to all incoming freshmen and prevention programming to all students here at FA.  She is a confidential resource for students and families dealing with every day struggles as well as more extreme challenges ranging from addiction, unhealthy relationships and daily choices.  The Prevention Programming here at FA also includes the SOS Suicide Prevention Program, Early Intervention Treatment, Students Against Destructive Decisions Chapter and a Parent Prevention Board all aimed at increasing resiliency, awareness and support that impact healthy youth decisions.  Mrs. Gravell can be reached at  tgravell@maloneschools.org or 518-483-7807 X7103.

Help with Bullying

Please remember, when it comes to bullying, if you see something, say something.  If you see an act of bullying, please speak up and say something like, "Please stop, that's not funny."

For parents to get help with a bullying incident, please take the following steps:


Health Office Information

Students Leaving School

Parental permission is REQUIRED before a student may be sent home.  He/She must sign out from the reception desk before leaving school. 

Doctor Appointments

Students with an excuse for appointments must report to the attendance office upon entering the building in the morning.  The excuse to leave school should state the reason for leaving, be specific, and include the name of the doctor or dentist.  The attendance clerk or administrator will sign the excuse.  The student must use this excuse to leave the class and then go to the reception area to sign out.  Upon returning from the appointment, students must sign in. 


Students in tenth grade as well as new entrants are required to have a physical examination during the school year.  This exam may be conducted by your family physician or by the school physician.  A complete physical exam includes eyes, ears, throat, heart, lungs, hernia (boys), posture and extremities.  Please discuss the parts of a complete physical with your child to help prevent any misgivings by him/her regarding a school physical. 


All medications should be handed to the school nurse as soon as a student arrives on campus.  No student should have prescription or non-prescription in his/her possession. 

Physical Education Excuses

Written parental requests to have their child excused from physical education class may be approved by Mrs. Thomas for a class only as specified in the District's Physical Education Policy.  Subsequent excuses must be received in writing from a physician listing the diagnosis and the period of time the child is expected to be excused from class. 

Vaccination Information

State Regulations require proof of immunization before a child enters or enrolls in school.  If you need details about the dates and types of shots, please contact Mrs. Thomas or Mr. Munson at the High School. 

Beginning September 1, 2016, all students entering 7th and 12th grade MUST HAVE proof of having been given meningococcal vaccine in order to attend school.

Students entering Grade 7 in 2017 must have:

Students entering Grade 12 in 2017 must have either: 


Please contact your pediatrician/physician to make an appointment, or to confirm if you child has or has not received the required vaccine and ask them to fax the information to your school nurse. Franklin County Public Health offers clinics on the following dates: July 11, August 8, August 29, and you need to call 481-1708 to make an appointment. 

If you have any questions, please contact the nurse at the number listed below.

Michele Thomas, RN

Pam Merrick, RN