Bucket Filling

Growing and Learning Together

Davis Elementary students are encouraged to be safe, respectful and be a good friend.

Davis Elementary is a bucket filling school! Our goal is to create a safer, kinder and more respectful school culture where children are ready to learn! We want to strengthen, encourage and support families to become bucket filling families in our community. Our hope is to make bucket filling a way of life resulting in individuals with full buckets who are healthy mentally, emotionally and socially. We do this through school wide and community bucket filling events held throughout the year. These events reinforce the importance of kindness (bucket filling) and the negative impact of being unkind (bucket dipping).

We have based our Bucketfilling program on the book "Have Your Filled a Bucket Today?" by Carol McCloud

If you would like to learn more about Bucketfilling check out Carol McCloud's website www.bucketfilling101.com

Rachel's Challenge & Karen's Hope

Rachel's challenge is an anti-bullying program that was founded in honor of Rachel Joy Scott who was the first victim in the Columbine Massacre. Her acts of kindness and compassion along with the contents of her 6 diaries are the foundation for the program: challenging students to start a chain reaction of kindness.

Karen's Hope was created in honor of Karen Bourdon Clark, a counselor for the Malone Central School district, who left behind a very positive legacy. With her contagious smile, Karen was a role model for others, always acting in a caring, helpful, compassionate manner. She touched the lives of many. Karen was instrumental in bringing Rachel's Challenge to our schools and community. It was Karen's hope the program would foster positive relationships and start a chain reaction of kindness in our schools and throughout the community. Together as a community, we can make a difference!