IT Help

The following people have roles that involve them in technology in our district. These are the people who help make the decisions and shape the overall vision of technology in our district, and the people who help implement that vision and keep it up and running.

NERIC Personnel

NERIC (Northeastern Regional Information Center) provides technological services to more than 140 school districts in 12 upstate New York counties, and Malone is one of those districts. The NERIC staff in our district are responsible for building and maintaining the network that connects our buildings and connects us to the Internet. They also take care of most of the hardware and software installation.

District Personnel

Building Assistants

These staff members are often your first point of contact when something goes wrong with the technology in your classroom. In many cases, they will be able to take care of your tech problems, and if it is something that is outside their control, such as a network issue, they will pass it along to the NERIC technicians. Please remember that they have full teaching loads, so they may not be able to assist you immediately.

Ed Tech Coordinator - Mark Dalton,

The Ed Tech Coordinator is tasked with helping to integrate technology with teaching and learning in the district. Mark works with district teachers to determine areas where professional development would be useful and helps to implement the training, as well as working on acquiring the necessary software and hardware. He is also the district's G Suite and GoGuardian admin, helps formulate the vision and planning for technology in the district, and maintains this website.