Additional Resources

Sites & Other Resources

Google Teacher Center - Google posts lots of resources and information here on a regular basis. Of particular interest for the current closing are:

Kapwing - A cool online tool to create GIFs

Mountain Lake PBS - They have put together two pages of resources to help out with closures. Learn & Resources

NYSED Continuity of Learning - There is guidance here for districts and teachers on how to carry on teaching during the coronavirus closure.

Scholastic Learn at Home - This site provides students in grades PK-9 with new learning activities each day spanning many content areas. No username or password are required.

Screencastify - This page has a bunch of downloads and online courses from them on different uses.

Snapverter - Everyone in the district has access to this. We purchase it along with Read&Write, EquatIO and Fluency Tutor. You can take documents, pictures, etc. and convert them to PDFs in your Drive. Click here for instructions on getting started.

Symbaloo - This site lets you collect links on one page as layout of "buttons." It's an easy way to share a collection with your students or colleagues.

Tips, Tricks and Resources for Teaching Online - A guide from Virginia Bond and the NERIC Instructional Team

WideOpenSchool - Put together by Common Sense, this site curates resources from a large number of sites that are available for teachers, students, and parents during the closure.

Chrome Extensions & Apps

This list does not contain extensions that are licensed by the district. Those can be found here. Also, be aware that most of these are "3rd party" extensions, meaning they are developed by companies or individuals other than Google. So when Google updates their products, these extensions will often "break" for a time, until the developer updates them. This can result in sites not working properly until that update happens.

Google Meet Attendance - This extension gives you a record of student's attendance in your Google Meet sessions.

Google Meet Grid View - Please note, you no longer need a 3rd party extension. Google has added grid view (they call it tiled) to Meet. Just click the 3 dots at the right end of the menu bar at the bottom of the Meet screen and click the change the view.

IPEVO Visualizer - Installing this will let you use a document camera with a Chromebook.

YouTube Channels


The Kennedy Center - The channel has a lot of great content, but every day at 1:00 PM look for "Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems." It's a chance to doodle along with an artist, and he'll also be talking about being an artist and his studio.


ProfRobBob - A math teacher with 23 years of experience, he has videos posted related to Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trig, Precalc, Calc 1, Calc 2, and AP Statistics.


Tom Chapin - His YouTube channel is full of family-friendly music videos, and he has said he will be doing daily concerts for kids who are home because of school closures.


YMCA 360 - This site has exercise videos that can be done at home. The Y will be uploading new content on a regular basis in an effort to help everyone affected by closures.


minutephysics - The name really gives this one away.

MinuteEarth - Yup, you guessed it.

thebrainscoop - From the Chicago Field Museum, their videos are focused natural history.

A Bit of Everything

CrashCourse - Originally focused mainly on history, their videos now include a variety of STEM topics as well.

PBS Kids - They have a lot of short clips on here, but you can also find full episodes of many of their popular kids' shows.

Royal Ontario Museum - They create some great content, and you can find videos and playlists here that could apply to art, science, social studies, and more.

Smithsonian Channel - You'll find full episodes of Smithsonian shows here with topics relevant to most subject areas.

TED-Ed - The videos on this channel cover a huge range of topics. If you like them, check out their website, where you can use the videos as the core of full-fledged lessons with activities.

Odds & Ends

Principal Coakley - Our very own Flanders Elementary principal will be helping us get through this.

Google for Education - Their channel regularly adds short videos on new features in the Google services, tips and tricks, etc. You can also find a library of tutorial videos on things like using Google Classroom and Forms.