2 Minute Tech Tips

In most cases, the 2 Minute Tech Tips are not meant to be exhaustive guides, but rather enough to introduce something and let you decide if you want to investigate further. If you do and you run into issues or have questions, feel free to get in touch, mdalton@maloneschools.org.

Jamboard in Google Meet

Find out how to easily pull up a virtual whiteboard right in Google Meet that you can share with your students and even have them use to collaborate with you.

2 Minute Tech Tip - Split Screen on Your Chromebook

See how to set your Chromebook up to view two tabs at once.

2 Minute Tech Tip - Locked Mode for Google Quizzes

It's here! You can now have students take a Google Forms quiz on their district-issued Chromebook or Chromebox, and be sure they can ONLY see your quiz, no other tabs!

2 Minute Tech Tip - Gmail's Confidential Mode

Find out more about a safer, more secure way to send email.

2 Minute Tech Tip - Pack Up Your Drive & Move

How to move your files from your school Drive account to a personal Drive account.

2 Minute Tech Tip - Live Stream YouTube

Live streaming an event with your YouTube account.

2 Minute Tech Tip - Google Earth Online

While the desktop (installed) version of Google Earth still very much exists, and is much more robust, there is now a version available in your web browser.

2 Minute Tech Tip (supersized) - Team Drives

Although the name has changed since this video was made and they're now called Shared Drives, most of the details in this video still remain accurate.

2 Minute Tech Tip - Checking on Student Accounts

If you are wondering if a student has a G Suite account, or what it is, watch this to see how you can find out for yourself.

2 Minute Tech Tip - Differentiate in Google Classroom

While the interface in Google Classroom has changed a fair amount since this video was created, the basics of what it shows in terms of posting assignments to individual students has not.

2 Minute Tech Tip - Use a Link to Force a Copy

See how to use a link to a Google document to force the recipient to make a copy of the document that goes to their own Drive.

2 Minute Tech Tip - Read&Write

Check out the Chrome extension our district pays for that is packed with accessibility features, like text-to-speech, dictionary and vocabulary tools, and on-screen highlighting.

2 Minute Tech Tip - Drive Sharing Tips

There is more to sharing a document in Drive than just clicking the blue button. Check out this video to see some of the options you have.