General Vaccination Requirements

Please see the document below for the schedule of required vaccinations for school attendance from the New York State Department of Health, or click here to be able to download a copy.

Vaccination Requirements.pdf

Meningococcal Vaccination Requirements for 7th and 12th Grades

Beginning September 1, 2016, all students entering 7th and 12th grade MUST HAVE proof of having been given meningococcal vaccine in order to attend school.

Students entering Grade 7 in 2021 must have:

  • 1 dose of the meningococcal vaccine

Students entering Grade 12 in 2021 must have either:

  • 2 doses of the meningococcal vaccine with the second dose given on or after the age of 16


  • 1 dose if given after the age of 16

Please contact your pediatrician/physician to make an appointment, or to confirm if you child has or has not received the required vaccine and ask them to fax the information to your school nurse. Franklin County Public Health offers clinics on the following dates: April 8, May 6, June 3, July 8,, August 12, and you need to call 481-1709 to make an appointment. Documentation must be received by August 15th.

If you have any questions, please contact the nurse at the number listed below.

Michele Thomas, RN

Pam Merrick, RN