Enrolling Your Child

Board Policy 7130 - Entitlement to Attend 

If you are planning on registering your child for enrollment in the Malone Central School District, it is now possible to complete the majority of the paperwork completely online. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to ensure you complete all necessary paperwork. Your child will not be able to start school until these forms are completed along with other required forms below. 

Please be sure you have a strong, stable internet connection before completing the online forms. 

If you have questions about the process, we ask that you contact our Enrollment Office at 518-483-7800 (option 2), or email Shiela Conners, sconners@maloneschools.org.  


You have the option of enrolling your child online, or using paper forms. 

Click here for the Online Registration Form

If you would prefer to register your child using paper forms, please contact Shiela Conners to arrange to pick them up at 518-483-7800 (option 2) or sconners@maloneschools.org.

Required Documentation

In addition to the required forms above, there are certain documents that are required in order for your child's enrollment to be finalized. Please see the section below entitled, "Submitting Forms & Documentation" for information on how to get these documents to us.

Birth Certificate

If your child has never been registered for school anywhere in the United States before, we will need a copy of their birth certificate to provide proof of age. If they have been registered in another school, we will receive that information from them.

Proof of Residency

In order to attend a school within the Malone Central School District, the child and parents' residence must be within our district boundaries. (For more information on those boundaries, please see the Attendance Zones page.) In order for us to be assured that all our students live within our school district's lines, we require a Proof of Residency for any new student enrolling in Malone Central.

Proof of Residency includes:

Proof of Immunization, Lead Screening (children under 6) & Physical Examination


As a new entrant, there are important immunization requirements that the New York State Department of Health mandates we have on record. You will find a list of the minimum requirements for entry to school on the New York State Department of Health School Vaccination Requirements page

Parents of students enrolling are responsible for providing proof of immunizations. The following list identifies the acceptable forms of documentation:

If you are entering from within New York State, you have 14 calendar days to provide us with this information. If you are entering from another state, you have 30 days to provide us with the information. If we do not obtain the required immunization information within the specified time, your child will be excluded from school until such time as this information is provided.

Lead Screening

NYS Public Health Law requires school nurses to obtain proof that children under the age of six years have been screened for lead.

For further information from the CDC about lead poisoning in children, lead poisoning prevention, and the dangers and health risks of elevated blood lead levels, please click here.

Physical Examination

In addition, new entrants are required to have a physical examination within 30 days of the first day of attendance. This exam may be conducted by your family physician, pediatrician, or by the school physician. If your child has had a physical within the past 12 months, please contact your school nurse who will provide an appropriate form for your doctor to complete. Unless notified of other arrangements, your child will be scheduled to see the school physician.

A complete physical exam includes eyes, ears, throat, heart, lungs, hernia (boys), posture, and extremities. Please discuss the parts of the complete physical with your child to help prevent any misgivings about the school physical. Parents will be notified of any abnormalities.

Submitting Forms & Documentation

If you completed the online versions of the required forms, you do not need to submit hardcopies of the forms, but we will need the required documentation for age, proof of residency and immunizations. If you downloaded the forms and then filled them out, you will need to get those to us, as well as the required documentation detailed above.

These forms and documents can be delivered to us in any of the following ways:

Optional Forms

These forms below need only be filled out if they apply to your child. They may be downloaded and filled out by hand.

Athletic Participation Form for Grades 6-12

Complete this form if your child is in grades 6-12 and plans on playing a sport. You may return the completed form to Joey Santamoor, Athletic Director either by mailing it to him at Franklin Academy, 42 Husky Lane, Malone, NY 12953, or by emailing it to him, jsantamoor@maloneschools.org.

Migrant Education Program Surveys

These surveys include instructions for where to send them when completed.


Within a day or two of your child being enrolled, a ParentSquare account will be created for you. ParentSquare is how much of the communication from the school and your child's teacher will happen. Based on your preferences, messages can come to you through email, text messages, or in the free smartphone app.

For more information, including how to activate your account once your child is enrolled, please see the ParentSquare page under "Parent & Teacher Resources" on this site.