Superintendent of Schools

Our district has adopted a five-year strategic plan, our district comprehensive improvement plan, and several school comprehensive education plans.  These plans are linked in several places on our district website.  Our strategic plan provides a new Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Core Values.  We appreciate all the feedback we received from students, parents, and staff throughout the last year that helped us create this plan.

The strategic plan is broken into five (5) Priority Areas.

Engaging and Challenging Learning for All:

Professional Excellence:

Community Connections:

Learning-Focused Organization:

Student-Centered Programming:

We will continue working on improving our communication with parents and students through the use of Parent Square. From time to time throughout the year we may be using a program called Thought Exchange to solicit feedback from you on a variety of instructional and operational matters.  Your feedback will be important to us as we keep our plans updated.  

Superintendent of Schools

Secretary to the Superintendent/District Clerk