Superintendent of Schools

Dear Resident:

Welcome to the Malone Central School District! I hope that everyone is managing the best that you can through this COVID-19 pandemic. Our world has changed and our schools have as well. We're committed to continuing to deliver high-quality instruction regardless of the modality, whether it be in-person, hybrid, or remote.

Our students receive multiple opportunities for success in academics, extra-curricular activities, arts, athletics, leadership, and service-learning. During the 2020-2021 school year, we have a District Comprehensive Improvement Plan which can be found on our website by clicking on the link for “Superintendent”. I like to summarize our improvement plan using these six words in bold print below.

  • At Malone CSD we strive to provide: Engaging Classrooms

  • At Malone CSD we are proud that all of our schools are: Safe Environments

  • At Malone CSD we work hard together to ensure we make: Informed Decisions

I am excited to be in my eighth year as superintendent of Malone Central Schools. I have a strong child-centered philosophy when it comes to education. I hold high expectations for all of our stakeholder groups. For our faculty and staff across the district, I want us all to treat every child as if he/she were our own. We have an awesome responsibility to care for each child that comes through our doors. For our parents, I encourage you to be involved in your child's education even as they grow up and enter middle and high school. I encourage parents to become actively involved in our district through parent-teacher organizations, attending school events, or simply reaching out to your child's teacher. Most importantly I expect our students to try their best while in school, ask for help if needed, be respectful of others, and to make decisions that will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, you should hold high expectations for me as your superintendent. I have a son who attends our district. I try to view everything we do by wearing my "father" hat. This helps to put me in a similar position as our parents across the district. I will work hard to ensure that we are providing a rich and rigorous curriculum and that our buildings are safe both emotionally and physically.

Working together we can maximize the potential of each and every student and ensure a bright and prosperous future for the greater Malone community. Raising inquisitive, creative, smart, healthy children requires a team effort, and as your Superintendent, I am committed to partnering with you, our staff, and our community to support the success of every student in our schools.

Our reopening plan could change quickly based on the conditions in our community and state. Please pay close attention to our many forms of social media for continued updates.

Stay safe and healthy. Thank you for your support.


Jerry Griffin

Superintendent of Schools

Jerry Griffin

Bryn Fefee