Superintendent of Schools

To the Malone CSD Community,

The Malone CSD is excited to be looking towards the future by building on our tradition of excellence. We’re currently working on a strategic planning process that takes into account what is working, what we’d like to improve on, and how everyone in our school community feels about the work.

Thank you for your participation in the initial community Thought Exchange. We were very pleased with the response rate and your feedback helped as we began the process of updating our mission, vision, and core values.

Our next step is to work with a large group of community, staff, Board of Education, and Leadership Team members to develop ideas for how to meet the district’s objectives in each of the areas that we have prioritized.

Our community planning day will be held on Monday, December 6 from 2:00 - 7:00 PM..

We’ll be sure to share the results of this work with the entire community as we continue to pursue excellence in all that we do and for all that we do it with. Below, please see the link to the summary and analysis of the responses to our Thought Exchange. Please review this to see how the exchange turned out. Based on the responses some initial DRAFT priority areas were identified for further discussion.

The following areas have been drafted as priority areas to focus on in our discussions.

1. Engaging and Challenging Learning for All

  • Literacy and numeracy

  • Interventions and additional supports

  • Real-life application of learning

  • Advanced coursework

2. Professional Excellence

  • Adequate support for all staff members

  • A positive organizational culture

  • Opportunities to collaborate

3. Learning-Focused Organization

  • School hours

  • Transportation systems

  • Meeting basic needs

  • Student behavior and management

  • COVID practices and considerations

4. Community Connections

  • Opportunities to collaborate

  • Enhancing communication

  • Developing greater transparency

  • Safety and security

Best wishes,

Jerry Griffin

Superintendent of Schools

Jerry Griffin

Bryn Fefee