School Safety

The Malone Central School District is dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure learning environment for our students and a safe and welcoming environment for our staff and community.

District-Wide Safety Plan

Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE) Act

SAVE legislation was passed by the New York State Legislature in 2000 to address issues of school safety and violence prevention. The laws require school districts to develop district-wide and building-level school safety plans.  The district has in place a comprehensive district safety plan and individual school building safety plans with procedures in place to maintain a secure learning environment.

Single Point of Entry

VISITORS: To ensure the safety of our students, it is the policy of the District's Board of Education that all building visitors must report to the main office of the school they are visiting. The Board defines a visitor as a person not employed by the school district or not enrolled in the school in which he or she is visiting.

To maximize building safety and security, all district school buildings operate with a single point of entry. We ask that all parents and visitors sign in at the main office, present identification and wear visitor passes throughout their visits.

Additional safety and security measures:

Dignity for all Students Act (DASA)

The Dignity for all Students Act was signed into law in September 2010. The law is designed to ensure that students throughout New York State attend school in a safe and supportive environment, free from discrimination, intimidation, taunting, harassment and bullying on school property, on school buses or at school functions. The Malone Central School District is committed to providing all students an educational environment free of harassment and bullying.  As required by the legislation, each district school building has a Dignity Act Coordinator.  The district also has adopted a Code of Conduct that complies with the legal requirements of the Dignity Act. The Dignity Act Coordinators by building are listed below:

Emergency Drills

Each school year, every school in the district engages in a comprehensive set of drills to ensure that students, faculty and staff are prepared should an emergency occur.  In addition, each Fall, every school in the district dismisses students 15 minutes early to test its Emergency Management Plan. The “Go Home Early Drill” tests the effectiveness of the transportation and communications systems in the event of an emergency. 

Important Winter Weather Suggestions for Students, Staff and Visitors

The Malone CSD places a strong emphasis on the safety of our students, staff and visitors. This includes safety precautions we can all take now that the winter season has quickly arrived. The District would like to share some safety tips that would be beneficial for your family to review before heading out of your home.  Please see the items below: