District Directory

District Offices

Dr. Stan Maziejka, Interim Superintendent of Schools

Dustin Relation, Assistant Superintendent

Stacy Vincent, Interim Business Administrator, Records Access Officer

Rhonda Poirier, District Treasurer

Sarah McMartin, Director of Pupil Services

Tonya Hazen, Assistant Director of Pupil Services

  • thazen@maloneschools.org

  • 518-483-7800

Bryn Fefee, Secretary to the Superintendent, District Clerk

Shiela Conners, Human Resources

Physical Address

  • 42 Husky Lane, Malone, NY 12953

Mailing Address

  • PO Box 847, Malone, NY 12953


Davis Elementary

Flanders Elementary

St. Joseph's Elementary

Franklin Academy High School

Malone Middle School



Buildings & Grounds

Enrollment Office

Ed Tech

Other Agencies

North Franklin Ed. Center

  • Occupation Education, 518-483-5230

  • Special Education, 518-483-1390

BOCES Central Offices

  • Dale Breault, District Superintendent

  • 518-483-6420

  • fehb.org

Adirondack Teacher Center